Lamb Wins in a Squeaker!

Conor Lamb won an amazing upset victory on Tuesday night, winning in the special election in the (formerly-red) PA-18. His 627-vote lead over Republican Rick Saccone reflects both ballots cast at the polls and absentee ballots. There are still some provisional ballots and overseas military ballots to be counted by March 20, but Lamb declared victory early Tuesday morning – and the Republican Party is already blaming their candidate for the loss, not President Trump or all of the Trump surrogates who campaigned for Saccone. No word yet on whether Saccone will request a recount.

Current vote totals, with 100% of the precincts reporting:

  • Conor Lamb, Democrat: 113,813 – 49.8%
  • Rick Saccone, Republican: 113,186 – 49.6%
  • Miller, Libertarian: 1,379 – 0.6%

Drew Gray Miller, the Libertarian candidate, proudly claimed that his role in the race was to remind people that every vote matters. He tweeted at 10:30 last night that he was “only a few hours away from being the most hated man in America.”  Perhaps an exaggeration, but Miller might not be welcome in some red precincts in the district.

The lesson Democrats are drawing from this historic race: nominate congressional candidates who reflect each individual district, not some cookie-cutter template imposed by the DCCC. And run a local race that is focused on the voters in the district.

PA-5 Candidates Speak to HT Dems

Seven Candidates for PA-5 Speak to Haverford Democrats

Over 80 interested voters heard seven candidates for U.S. Congress for PA-5 speak at the Haverford Democrats’ monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 13 at Coopertown Elementary School. Speakers were Lindy Li, George Badey, Dan Boyle, Rich Lazer, Margo Davidson, Greg Vitali, and David Wertime. Read summaries of each candidates’ remarks

Summaries of Candidates' Remarks

YIKES!  FIFTEEN CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES! is your one-stop shop for summaries of candidate remarks at local forums:

Haverford Democrats’ February 13 meeting introduced five candidates: Molly Sheehan, Dan Muroff, Ashley Lunkenheimer, Mary Gay Scanlon, and Larry Arata. Read summaries of candidates’ remarks

H-CAN Forum on March 3 heard from eight candidates: Shelly Chauncey, Mary Ellen Balchunis, Dan Muroff, Molly Sheehan, David Wertime, Mary Gay Scanlon, Lindy Li, and Julie Eble. Read summaries of candidates’ responses 

Township Commissioners Meetings

Our township commissioners are now meeting in the NEW Administration Building at 2014 Darby Road. Come check out the new space!

Haverford Township Commissioners hold a “working” meeting on the first Monday of the month and a “regular” meeting (where they vote) on the second Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

Read our summaries of 2018 commissioner meetings

Here’s the township's official calendar for all upcoming meetings, including the Zoning Board and Planning Commission meetings.

Video of the regular monthly Township Commissioner meetings is available on Haverford Township's YouTube channel.