When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win!!!!!

Congratulations Haverford Township Democrats – you came out to vote and you made history.

Democrats will sit on the Delaware County Council for the first time since 1975!
• Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden defeated Dave White and John Perfetti.  
• Democrats Joanne Phillips and Mary Walk won County Controller and Registrar of Wills
• Democrat Jerry Sanders won Sheriff. 

In all of these races, the victory margins in Haverford Township guaranteed their county victories.

We added another Democrat to the Haverford Township Commission.  We now hold 4/9 seats.
• Gerry Hart defeated incumbent Chris Connell in Ward 8.
• Dan Siegel held his seat in Ward 4.
• Larry Holmes held his seat in Ward 6.
• Sheryl Forste-Grupp was defeated in Ward 2 by incumbent Mario Oliva, despite her excellent campaign.  Expect to see more of Sheryl in the future!

We swept the Haverford School Board races!
• Democrats Kristin Larsen, Susan Mingey, Phil Hopkins and Sal Scinto were all elected.
• Alisa Clyne was also elected to fill the 2-year seat.

Last, but never least, Ross Anderson will be the township’s new Auditor.

Haverford Township was part of the blue tide that swept across the U.S. on Tuesday night.

We proved that we have the numbers, the energy, and the organization to WIN.

Congratulations to every township Democrat who knocked on doors, met commuters at trains, distributed literature, made phone calls, put up a lawn sign.  None of this happens without you.

Congratulations to every Democrat who came out to vote.  None of this happens without you.

When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win!   Onward to 2018! 

Watch out Pat Meehan – Democrats are organizing to WIN the 7th Congressional seat. 

Want the numbers?  Want more info on particular races?  Delco’s Board of Elections has posted the “Unofficial” Municipal Election results.

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