Haverford CREC Gathering with PA-5 Candidates

When: Sunday, April 22, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Where: Haverford Township Community Center/"CREC"
9000 Parkview Drive, Haverford, 19041  (off Darby Creek Rd. @ Freedom Playground)
Sponsored by Haverford Township Democrats. Brief candidate comments followed by informal mingling & conversation between candidates and voters.

April 16 is the last day to register before May 15 Primary

Read about how to register or change your party or your address

Remember (and tell your friends and neighbors): Pennsylvania is a "closed primary" state. You can vote in the May 15 primary ONLY if you are registered in a political party, and you will be given a ballot with just your party's candidates on it. Independents and Non-party registrants are not eligible to vote in a Pennsylvania primary. Primaries are the way parties choose their candidates.

No Dem. Party endorsement in PA-5 congressional race

None of the 13 Democrats running in the PA-5 primary was able to garner the required 55% of the votes to win party endorsement at the Delaware County Congressional Nominating Convention on April 8. The 513 Committee who attended voted against having an “open primary” and in favor of “elimination rounds” aimed at consolidating around one candidate. 

By the end of Round 4, two candidates had corralled the most votes from the Committee in the room: Mary Gay Scanlon had 218 supporters and Ashley Lunkenheimer had 155. But with 112 abstentions in Round 4 (indicating a desire to end the process), Scanlon and Lunkenheimer agreed that neither would reach 55% and it was time to adjourn. See our April 12 newsletter for more details on the number of votes each candidate won in each round.

After Round 2, Shelly Chauncey announced that she was ending her campaign and threw her support to Ashley Lunkenheimer. At the same time, George Badey announced the end of his campaign and asked his supporters to back Mary Gay Scanlon.

Haverford Democrats made a significant showing at the Delco convention: 72 of our 92 Committee attended. Our turnout was so strong that we had to take over one row of seats from Radnor. 

Two days after the convention, at their April 10 meeting, Haverford Township Democrats voted unanimously not to endorse a candidate for the PA-5 seat. The May 15 primary is, therefore, an “open primary.” See our April 12 newsletter for links that lay out the advantages and disadvantages of an open primary.

On April 12, Dan Muroff announced that he is ending his campaign for the PA-5 congressional seat.

It’s Up to Us, the Voters, to Decide

Party leadership is not telling us who to vote for.  We must now educate ourselves. 

Use the Haverford Democrats’ website as your portal to information on all the candidates and links to their websites and Facebook pages.

Township Commissioners Meetings

Our township commissioners are now meeting in the NEW Administration Building at 2014 Darby Road. Come check out the new space!

Haverford Township Commissioners hold a “working” meeting on the first Monday of the month and a “regular” meeting (where they vote) on the second Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

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Here’s the township's official calendar for all upcoming meetings, including the Zoning Board and Planning Commission meetings.

Video of the regular monthly Township Commissioner meetings is available on Haverford Township's YouTube channel.