CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Gay Scanlon for winning a hard-fought primary race in the new PA-5 congressional district. We go forward now as a united Democratic Party, proudly campaigning for Mary Gay Scanlon to become the first woman to represent Delaware County citizens in the U.S. House of Representatives. Game on!

CONGRATULATIONS to Haverford Township Democrats for increasing turnout yet again.

  • 43% of Haverford Township Democrats went to the polls on May 15.
  • That’s 6,634 out of 15,406 registered Dems in the township.
  • That’s also a 59% increase in turnout from the November, 2017 local election.
  • Another 1070 Dems voting in the all-important November, 2018 election will put us over 50%!

View the county results from the May 15, 2018 Primary at Delaware County’s Vote 2018.   Results include the names of those elected as Haverford Township Democratic Committee and the vote totals for Democratic State Committee candidates. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania also provides results of statewide and county elections.

Voting results from PA-5 Race

District-wide vote:
Mary Gay Scanlon      16,831    28.4% of total
Ashley Lunkenheimer  9,060     15.3%
Rich Lazer                  8,905     15.0%
Molly Sheehan            6,105     10.3%
Greg Vitali                  5,568       9.4%
Lindy Li                      4,143       7.0%
Theresa Wright           3,055       5.2%
Thaddeus Kirkland     2,329       3.9%
Margo Davidson         2,319       3.9%
Larry Arata                     913       1.5%

Haverford Township vote:
Greg Vitali                  2,027      30.8% of total
Mary Gay Scanlon      1,950      29.6%
Molly Sheehan              868       13.2%
Ashley Lunkenheimer   697       10.6%
Larry Arata                    401         6.1%
Richard Lazer                262         3.9%
Lindy Li                         223         3.4%
Theresa Wright                83         1.3%
Margo Davidson              58           .9%
Thaddeus Kirkland          16           .2%

Township Commissioners Meetings

Our township commissioners are now meeting in the NEW Administration Building at 2014 Darby Road. Come check out the new space!

Haverford Township Commissioners hold a “working” meeting on the first Monday of the month and a “regular” meeting (where they vote) on the second Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

Read our summaries of 2018 commissioner meetings

Here’s the township's official calendar for all upcoming meetings, including the Zoning Board and Planning Commission meetings.

Video of the regular monthly Township Commissioner meetings is available on Haverford Township's YouTube channel.