Help Conor Lamb turn PA-18 Blue

Special Election occurs March 13

“G.O.P Scrambles to Save House Seat,” says the NY Times. When a sex scandal forced Tim Murphy out of his very-safe congressional seat in southwest PA, his Republican allies did not anticipate a tough special election race. But Democrat Conor Lamb is giving his opponent, Rick Saccone a real run for his money. See the full NYTimes story.  

Lamb raised $550,000 to Saccone’s $200,000 last quarter. The Republicans are scared. They sent President Trump into the district in early January to stump for Saccone. Pence will follow in early February. The RNC is planning to pump $700,000 into a t.v. ad that smears Conor Lamb.

Conor Lamb is not running a national campaign. He needs donations from Democrats across Pennsylvania. We can build the momentum from Democratic victories in Alabama, Virginia, and Wisconsin by winning this special election.

Visit Conor Lamb’s website to donate money or volunteer to make calls from home. Havertown Democrat Mike Brenner is offering to drive himself and others to PA-18 to help with canvassing the weekend of March 3-4. Local Dems will house you! Reach Mike at

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