Our township goal is “6 on 6”: we aim to win these six races on November 6:
  • Governor: Re-elect Tom Wolf
  • Lt. Governor: Elect John Fetterman
  • U.S. Senator: Re-elect Bob Casey, Jr.
  • PA-5 Rep. to U.S. House: Elect Mary Gay Scanlon
  • District 166 Rep. to Pa. State Assembly: Re-elect Greg Vitali (HT Wards 2-8)
  • District 163 Rep. to Pa. State Assembly: Elect Mike Zabel (HT Wards 1 & 9)

You can learn a lot about each candidate’s background and stand on the issues by visiting their websites and Facebook pages. Below are the links you need to find information.

You can volunteer for the 2018 Coordinated Campaign to elect these candidates by contacting Brianna Cole at bcole@padems.com. Or check our Events page for sign-up links to specific volunteer opportunities.

Every candidate needs donations to run their campaigns. You will find a “donate” button on every website! Give a little or give a lot. Every donation counts, and small donations show solid grassroots support!

Governor Tom Wolf for re-election.  Wolf’s Facebook page

Mayor John Fetterman for election as Lieutenant Governor.  Fetterman’s Facebook page 

Senator Bob Casey for re-election.  Casey’s Facebook page

Mary Gay Scanlon for NEW PA-5 seat in U.S. House of Reps.  Scanlon’s Facebook page 

Rep. Greg Vitali for re-election as State Rep. in District 166 (Wards 2-8)

Mike Zabel for election as State Rep. in District 163 (Wards 1 & 9).  Zabel’s Facebook page