The Haverford Township Democratic Party (HT Dems) is an all-volunteer group of active, committed Democrats who live in Haverford Township. We strive to keep our neighbors informed and provide the boots-on-the-ground activism critical in the election of Democrats to local, county, state and national office.

The HT Dems recruit and support Democratic candidates, create and distribute election information, advise on voter registration and absentee voting, canvass our Democratic neighbors during campaigns and staff the polls in every precinct of the township.

The HT Dems hold regular meetings that are open to the public. We welcome newcomers! Come to one or more of our meetings to learn more about our local politics and ways to get involved! For more information, see the meeting schedule on the Calendar.

For the first time in history, there are MORE registered Democrats than registered Republicans in Haverford Township and in Delaware County.  This only matters IF Democrats get out and vote in primaries and general elections!

Our historic victories in the November, 2017 election – especially our election of TWO Democrats to the Delaware County Council after 40 years of one-party rule – is a tribute to our members’ hard work in getting Democrats out to vote.

Volunteers campaign for Democratic candidates by working in a variety of roles, either through ward organizations or action teams. There are over 100 roles any Haverford Democrat could choose to fill. Look into Ward Organizations and Action Teams to find the right activity for you. The victories in November, 2017 prove that if a lot of us contribute a small amount of time we can make a huge difference in Democratic success.

The HT Dems are working hard toward a 2018 victory in our U.S. congressional race. Court-ordered changes in districting lines as well as Pat Meehan’s imminent retirement from the office give Democrats a real opportunity to elect their candidate to this important congressional seat. Learn about the congressional candidates who are vying for the nomination in the May 15, 2018 primary.