Commissioner Candidate Results

Vote Tallies for Township Commissioner Candidates by Ward & Precinct
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Ward 2: Sheryl Forste-Grupp (Dem) vs. Mario Oliva (Repub)

Precinct 1185199
Precinct 2191215
Precinct 3250336
Precinct 4133 266
 Ward Total7591,016

Ward 4: Dan Siegel (Dem) vs. Kevin O’Neill (Repub)

Precinct 1387167
Precinct 2305191
Precinct 3227179
Precinct 4288241
Ward Total1,207778

Ward 6:  Larry Holmes (Dem) vs. Carmie Del Pizzo (Repub)

 HolmesDel Pizzo
Precinct 1462118
Precinct 2192117
Precinct 3352150
Precinct 4364180
Ward Total1,370565


Ward 8:  Gerry Hart (Dem) vs. Chris Connell (Repub)

Precinct 1394286
Precinct 2388178
Precinct 3313200
Precinct 419267
Ward Total1,287731