August 21, 2019

Dear Fellow Delco Democrat,

After the 2016 election, like many of you, I desperately wanted to help elect Democrats here and across the country. But the one thing I swore I would never do is door-to-door canvassing.
You see, that’s because I’m a confirmed introvert.
I’m someone who much prefers working “behind the scenes,” where less human interaction—particularly with people I don’t know—is required. The thought of knocking on a stranger’s door and having to contend with a less than warm reception was not a pleasant one.
But after a friend convinced me that canvassing is the single most effective way to get voters to the polls and win elections, I very reluctantly gave it a try.
To my utter surprise, it was way less scary than I thought it would be.
First of all, most of the voters you’re trying to reach are Democrats. The Democratic party uses “Vote Builder” to track party affiliation and voting history, so the voters you are canvassing are carefully selected. And what I discovered is that, given the state of political affairs, most Democrats are grateful to see you at their door and for the hard work you are doing.
Surprisingly, even when knocking on the doors of Republican or Independents, I have never encountered a truly belligerent response.
Why? It’s because the campaign managers and other folks who create the canvassing lists only include non-Democrats who meet certain criteria. For example, Republicans or Independents who we believe are more likely to vote for a Democrat. In fact, we avoid canvassing hard-core Republicans entirely because it just makes them more likely to turn out.
This email is an unabashed plea for you to give canvassing a try. The stakes have never been higher.

This November we have a truly historic opportunity to switch control of Delaware County from Republican to Democrat. And, of course, we are building for 2020. As someone who cares about our community, you are in the best position to deliver our message of hope and the power of each Democratic vote. I’m sure I don’t need to say more regarding the significance of these elections.
If you are willing to give canvassing a try, contact your Ward leader or township party leaders.  They will give you a turf and simple instructions that make canvassing as easy and painless as possible.

In partnership,

Rob Oaks
Technology Team Member 
Delaware County Democratic Committee