Dan Weber is running for commissioner in Ward 1 because he thinks constituents should have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who will “look to the future” when making decisions at the ward and township level. As commissioner, Dan would be guided by his core belief that “investing in the future is the best investment we can make.”

Dan, 36, is running unopposed in the primary election and will vie with incumbent Republican Commissioner Stephen D’Emilio in November.

Dan’s priorities include comprehensive support for improvements to the Haverford Township Free Library, including exploration of a site and facility that serves the community’s need for on-site parking and modern services. Change, even change that brings in improvements can be difficult. Dan advocates formation of a coalition to assist families affected by changes   He is particularly concerned with changes that may impact child care availability now that the township has acquired Brookline School, current home to the privately-owned Family Support Services.

Dan believes the township’s focus on economic development benefits residents in numerous ways, and he wants to grow these efforts as a way to both financially support the township and ensure Haverford Township continues to be an attractive destination for young families to eat out, shop, and enjoy all the township has to offer. 

The climate change resolution our current commissioners adopted last October has Dan’s full support. As a commission member, he would work to keep the township on track toward achieving those goals. “It’s great that it’s been passed,” he notes, “but I want to make sure that everything is followed through on.”

Dan was raised in northeast Philadelphia, where his father worked two bartending jobs and his mother was a secretary at St. Christopher’s Hospital. The family had little to nothing left after paying bills, Dan said. After graduating from Central High School, he needed Pell grants, financial aid and student loans to get a college education. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in elementary education and later completed a Master’s program in education at Cabrini College in 2012.

“Every dollar that I was given through aid and Pell Grants, has been repaid and more through the work I am doing now,” Dan says. Following graduation, he worked for four years as a substitute teacher in the Ridley School District and taught math at Beverly Hills Middle School for nine years before assuming his current position as a math teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School.

Dan is affiliated with the Democratic Party because its ideals call for “being compassionate, feeling for peoples’ problems and coming up with solutions.”  Drawing on his own life experience, he believes public investment in citizens is better than shrinking tax-supported programs and leaving folks to fend for themselves, whatever their circumstances.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 persuaded Dan to become more politically active. “The past two years…have shown what one person can do if we don’t stand against that person in an election. Trump’s election got a lot of people, including myself, interested in starting from the bottom, at the local level,” Dan said. Prior to running for Ward 1 commissioner, Dan volunteered with State Rep. Mike Zabel’s campaign, an experience that further inspired him.

Dan has been married for 11 years to Karen Weber, and they have two young children, Gianna, 3, and Jackson, 6. Jackson attends kindergarten at Lynnewood Elementary School. In addition to Karen’s work as senior director of New Solutions at HCL Technologies, she also serves as the Democratic Party’s ward leader in Ward 1.  

Based on his own experience playing baseball and football in college, Dan believes that sports teach children a good work ethic, the value of teamwork, and the ability to learn from both success and failure. He coached youth football at the neighborhood and middle school levels for 10 years, in addition to coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball and girls’ lacrosse.

The Webers moved to the Westgate Hills section of Ward 1 six years ago, attracted by good schools and a friendly neighborhood feel. They take advantage of all the township offers, including library and recreation programs, great restaurants, festivals and more.

“We love living here,” Dan said.