Hi, Jim,

So: the basic idea is that you drag boxes over from the left to the right.  You do your typing on the right, and your formatting on the left.  When you format on the left, the results appear on the right.

For example, I typed “Yo Jim — bigger and bolder!” on the right as normal text and then formatted on the left.

Instead of using Site Origin Page Builder to build blocks, you just drag-and-drop.

The green publish button on the bottom left is also a dropdown that offers draft saving. 

The nav hamburger at the top left includes Exit to Dashboard to go back to the normal environment to do something else (after you Publish or Save draft).

This is a nice overview — well worth your 8:39!

I started this demo by choosing the Text Editor widget, dragging it over to the widget box on the right, and got right to typing.  Elementor is very powerful — but, you only need to learn what you need to know.  Very little Elementor knowledge needed to do things like you have already done using Page Builder!

Also, no reason you can’t work with both Page Builder pages *and* Elementor pages!  An it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it slant certainly makes sense to me.