Get Involved in 2021

Remember: all politics is LOCAL!!!!!

2021 is our year to win FIVE township commissioner races (in Wards 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8) and give Democrats the majority on the Haverford Township Board of Commissioners so we can make policies that suit the 21st century. You do not have to live in one of these wards to help with these campaigns.  All of us have an investment in gaining a majority on the township commission.

2021 is our year to make sure that justice-minded Democrats are sitting on judicial benches from the Magisterial District level all the way up to the PA Supreme Court.

What can you do for the November 2 General Election? Send email to

Drop Literature: Our main volunteer activity this fall is dropping literature at our Democratic neighbors’ front doors. The more volunteers we have, the fewer houses we each have to visit.  Typically, volunteers drop literature at 25-30 houses in their own neighborhoods.

Phone/Text Bank: We will be calling & texting Democratic voters after mail in ballots go out in Early October and in the last few weeks before the November 2 election.

Send Postcards: Some of our candidates will be sending postcards this election cycle. Scripts, addresses and postage will be provided!

Working the Polls: We need some Inside pollworkers (All Day 6am-9pm, training required) or Outside the polls (2-3 hr slots) greeting voters and handing out sample ballots.