Get Involved in 2020
(and save democracy)

Write Postcards to Democrats about candidates and about voting!

Haverford Democrats have written and mailed over 8,000 postcards to Democratic voters in the township and in the county, including 3,000 for Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon and 4,000 for State Rep. Mike Zabel.

This postcard effort is successful because it’s a personal outreach.  We will continue with postcard writing for candidates and to Get Out the Vote.  Channel your angst when watching the news by addressing postcards at the same time!

How it works: You pick up a pack (or two?) of 50 postcards with a printed message.  You add a brief, personal note on each postcard and address each one.

  • If you agree to write 50 postcards, you contribute your time AND you agree to buy 50 postcard stamps (35 cents each = $17.50). Plus, you mail the postcards!

Get the postcards, names & addresses by sending an email to

Make Phone Calls to Democrats in Haverford Township or Across PA.

Phone calls are the best way to make direct contact with voters during this COVID election. Below you will find descriptions of two different phone banks in need of volunteers.  Both are important. Pick the one that appeals to you – or devote a couple of hours to each.  Really. Just a couple of hours makes a difference..

The Haverford Democratic Party is running a LOCAL phone bank.

Volunteers are calling other Dems in their own wards. Each call tells  a voter:

  • what the voting options are in Delco (mail-in, dropbox, early voting in person, Election Day voting)
  • the polling location for that voter’s ward and precinct & hours of operation
  • the importance of making a PLAN TO VOTE right now

All callers will be provided with an FAQ’s sheet and website addresses for more info.

Volunteer by sending an email to: Put “HT Phone Bank” in the subject line.  Tell us what ward you live in or give us your address and we will connect you with the ward leader organizing your neighborhood.

  • You will have the option to hide your phone number with a Google phone number. Good for privacy. Good if you have an out-of-state number, which reduces answer rate.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is running a “Back to Blue” phone bank.

Volunteers for this effort are calling Democrats all around our crucial swing state (including in redder counties where Dem turnout is so vital). Each call will encourage voting for Democratic candidates from the top of the ticket on down the ballot, providing candidate names and reminding voters to make a PLAN to vote.

  • Every volunteer will be provided with talking points and background info.

Volunteer for the Back to Blue PA phone bank by sending an email to Dora Nathans: Dora is one of our liaisons from the PA Dems.

  • You will have the option to hide your phone number with a Google phone number. Good for privacy. Good if you have an out-of-state number, which reduces answer rate.

Deliver Sample Ballots and Get Out the Vote literature HT Democrats

Haverford Democrats volunteered in record numbers to “drop” our big Biden/Harris/ Voter Advice cards at every Democratic voter’s door around Labor Day.

  • No knocking, no talking. Just walk and drop.

More walking & dropping to do:
We will be doing at least one, maybe two more lit drops to distribute the Democratic Sample Ballot for Haverford Township, to remind Dems to get out and VOTE, and to inform voters about “early voting” options.

How it works: Volunteers get a list of 30-40 Democrats’ addresses in one neighborhood in the township. You walk a few blocks at most.

How to volunteer:  If you want to walk off your pre-election jitters and spread the word about voting, send an email to