Phil Hopkins

Phil Hopkins has served on the Haverford school board since 1985, making him one of its longest tenured members.  As an economist for HIS Markit, he has made a career out of analyzing data and coming up with optimal decisions to maximize benefit at the lowest cost.  His insights have contributed in making the Haverford school district one of the best bargains in the state, as Haverford Township is frequently ranked in the top ten school districts statewide, at a substantially lower cost compared to other school districts of the same quality.  His platform for his seventh term is to continue that trend, making sure that the taxpayer’s educational return on investment is as high as it can be.  Phil is proud of his years of service, the school board’s accomplishments in bringing their buildings, many of which are over a hundred years old, into the 21st century, and participating on a cooperative school board that lacks the drama and turmoil of many other government bodies.  In his spare time, Phil is an avid reader who also enjoys running and exercise.