Why She Ran: Meet Joanne Phillips, Democrat for Delaware County Controller

Joanne Phillips has lived in Delaware County for over 30 years and has the professional credentials to know a poorly-run, potentially-corrupt government when she sees it. View her resume to see that she is ready to serve as Controller for Delaware County – the one official with the authority to look behind the curtain and find out how taxpayer dollars are being spent and why our tax money flows into certain pockets.

Joanne Phillips
Phillips’ decision to run for County Controller in 2017 has its roots in 2016. Like so many of us, Phillips was at home, in shock, the day after the November 8 election.  That bleak morning, she heard a knock on her door.  She opened to find a neighborhood mom, with babe in arms, crying. The mom.  Not the baby.

This weeping woman had gone to Phillips’ home because her yard was bedecked with Democratic Party lawn signs.  The woman’s parents had not voted Democrat so she turned to Phillips to quell her fears about the world in which her baby was growing up.  Phillips could not wave away her neighbor’s anxiety, and that gave her a stronger sense of political responsibility.  She attended the Women’s March in D.C. and heard calls for women to run for office.  Returning home, thinking of her neighbor -- and of her long-standing frustration with Republicans’ grip on Delaware County – Joanne Phillips decided to put her expertise on the line in the 2017 election.  She was ready to shed an honest light on Delco’s shadowy finances. 

Phillips she did not see her neighbor again for three months.  Then, on primary day in May, she saw that mom with her now-walking child. The neighbor shouted “I just voted for you!”  Joanne shouted back, “you’re the reason I ran!”