Lieutenant Governor Candidates at February 13 Meeting

John Fetterman
The mayor of Braddock called on the Haverford audience to “help me help Gov. Wolf win back the votes we lost in 2016,” adding, “I want to bring folks back into the party.” Speaking from his 12-year experience leading a working-class town on the western side of the state, Fetterman said that Trump “convinced forgotten communities he could fix the problems, so voters rolled the dice.”  Fetterman stated “I am running for Lt. Governor because I believe in places like my own town.” He is confident that his successful record, grassroots style, and progressive message can persuade a significant number of voters that Governor Wolf “is the only thing that stands between us and a Republican agenda.” Fetterman used more temperate language than Delco Dems Chair David Landau, who said earlier in the evening that “Governor Wolf is the only thing standing between disaster and sanity.” Fetterman’s point was that he is the candidate best suited to make that message stick all across the commonwealth and best suited to help Wolf press for progressive policies. Read more about John Fetterman

Aryanna Berringer
A child’s illness prevented Berringer from attending the meeting.