Yes, this is going to be another email asking for money. Yes, I did just ask for your support. And yes, I realize you might be wondering how come I have to keep reaching out for your donation. Here’s why:
According to FEC rules, every person has a $5,600 contribution limit per election cycle — $2,800 in the primary and $2,800 in the general. But how many people do you know who can casually cough up five grand at a moment’s notice?
Not me, that’s for sure — and not many people in PA-05 can, either. So instead of coming to you with one big ask all at once, we space out smaller asks in the hope that you can choose to make smaller contributions when it’s convenient for you, instead of sending us a lump sum that could get you a used Chevy.
I wish our system didn’t rely so heavily on money — dark money has created such a spending spiral that there is a constant pressure to raise money for oneself, one’s party, and one’s colleagues at the expense of doing the work that we owe our constituents and sleep! That’s why I was so pleased to support H.R. 1 — it makes our elections more accessible and fair and levels the playing field with campaign finance.
But we’re not there yet, so in the meantime, we have to keep raising money to make sure that our message doesn’t get drowned out by people, like my opponent, who are catering to fear, anger, and the worst in people. And we have to raise as much as we can before this month’s all-important quarterly FEC deadline.
So, yes, I’m asking for a contribution again. It doesn’t go into my pocket. It doesn’t buy you access — being a citizen of PA-05 gets you access whether you contribute or not. But your contribution, in addition to your vote, helps determine the person to whom you have access.
If that’s as important to you as it is to me, please chip in whatever you can here.