Gerald Lawrence, chair of the Reorganization meeting, opened the event with a call for party unity. Lawrence argued that we are all Democrats for a reason: we share the common conviction, voiced by Senator Hubert Humphrey back in 1977, that “the moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life . . . in the twilight of life . . . and in the shadows of life.”  If we want our government to reflect these ideals, said Lawrence, Democrats must work cooperatively to win elections.

David Landau thanked all who have served the party during his 8-year tenure as the party’s county chair. He spoke of his pride in the party’s progress over those years, noting especially the 2016 Democratic sweep of county offices. Landau picked up on the meeting’s unity theme by noting that we can win elections only if we work together. That means Democrats must stop helping Republicans by using “hateful speech” against other Democrats on social media. Electoral success means Democrats must embrace mutual respect and civility in our words and tone even when – especially when – we disagree on strategy or a particular candidate or policy.

John Kane, like Landau, endorsed Guiney as a strong, dedicated leader who has focused on building real connections between townships, helping to distribute volunteers for maximum effect. Kane promised that our new chair “is going to reach out to each and every one of you.”

Guiney echoed Kane in promising that the Delco Dems’ office will “serve all of our communities, not just some.”  While acknowledging that she is “honored and humbled” to be asked to serve in this four-year post, Guiney affirmed that Committee members are “the backbone” of the party, and she will be relying on everyone’s “ideas and dedication” to achieve success at the polls. Finally, in line with the Hubert Humphrey quote that opened the meeting, Guiney noted that over the course of her career as a pediatric nurse, she has seen “the impact of government on the lives of parents and children.”