2022 Executive Committee Candidates

Haverford Township Democratic Committee elects 6 Executive Officers

  • Chair
  • 2 Vice Chairs
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Corresponding Secretary


Officers serve a 4 year term. Only Elected Committee members can vote for Executive Officers. Below is a bio of those running.

The Reorganization meeting will be held on June 14th at 7pm. For details, please contact info@haverforddemocrats.com.

Party Chair - Vote For One

Jon Larsen

Jon Larsen, JD, MPP, took on an active role in the Haverford Democratic Party in January of 2017 serving first as a volunteer, then appointed Committee, apprentice 3rd Ward Leader, and Leader of the Grassroots Action Team. He was first elected to Committee for 3-1 in May 2018 and was elected to a four-year term as Co-Vice Chair during the 2018 reorganization. Jon is a life-long Democrat originally from Westfield, New Jersey. Jon and his wife Kristin have lived in Havertown since 2012. They have a six-year-old daughter, Magdalena and an almost two-year-old son, Leif.

As Co-Vice Chair, Jon has focused on building the Haverford Democratic Committee grassroots capacity, fundraising, and voter turnout. Haverford has consistently increased its Democratic voter turnout during Jon’s tenure and increased its fundraising capacity to match growing party needs. During this timeframe, Delaware County and Haverford Township have also flipped from red to blue. Jon is committed to continuing active community engagement efforts to educate the public, advance shared policy goals, and build a committee that better reflects the diversity of our community.

Jon is a Legal Program Manager at Temple University Law School’s Center for Public Health Law Research.


Vice Chair - Vote For Up to Two

Patricia L. McGoldrick

Patty McGoldrick is a lifelong Democrat and currently co-leader of the 9th ward for the HTDC. She served as a member of the Equity in Elections committee in the lead up to the 2020 campaign.

Professionally, she serves as Executive Director, Leadership Giving and Professional Development, in the Office of University Advancement at Villanova University. During her 19 years with Villanova, she has raised more than $100 million for the University. Patty’s position is focused on major and principal gifts, ranging in scope from $100,000 up to $10 million. Patty also manages the professional development program in her office, training her colleagues to be more effective in their roles.

Patty holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from LaSalle University and a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Rowan University. Patty has been married to her husband Tom for 21 years. Their daughter Kara will graduate from Haverford High School in June and begin her undergraduate years at Villanova in August. If elected Co-Vice-Chair, one of Patty’s goals will be to focus on fundraising opportunities in order to expand the impact of the HTDC.

Alex Brophy

I am a lifelong Democrat and have been an HTDC committee member since early 2017.  I was introduced to the Haverford Dems in 2016 when doing election protection work for the Clinton campaign.  I was appointed as HTDC Secretary in January 2018, and was elected to another term as Recording Secretary in June 2018.  I have been particularly active in organizing phone banks and straw polls before recent elections.  If I am elected, in addition to continuing to build the party’s grassroots organization, I will focus on improving communication within the HTDC.  I am committed to keeping the committee updated on party activities at the county and at the Executive Committee.

I have been a practicing attorney for almost 20 years, and I own a small law practice which focuses on helping immigrants:  particularly LGBTQ+ immigrants. My spouse, Kate Lenahan, is also my law partner and has served as a committee member since 2017.  I am from New Rochelle, NY, but have resided in Havertown since 2013.  Kate and I live in the Oakmont neighborhood with our children, Thomas and Eloise, who attend Chestnutwold.  I hold a JD from the University of Miami and a BA from Johns Hopkins University.

Treasurer - Vote For One

Christine Seewagen

I am a lifelong Democrat who became involved with HTDC in early 2017 and was appointed as an at-large committee member later that year. I became Acting Treasurer in Fall 2020 and was appointed as Treasurer in January 2021. If I am elected Treasurer, I will build on past work by continually improving the electronic ledger, such that data can quickly and easily be organized and analyzed for budgeting, fundraising and other related purposes to expand and fortify the HTDC organization. I will also continue working with the Fundraising, Grassroots, DEI, and other subcommittees to ensure that the HTDC budget is transparent and reflects the values of the Committee.

I grew up in Delaware County and have lived in Havertown with my husband and two kids for the last 10 years. I graduated from Upper Darby High School and Haverford College and earned a Master’s in Health Economics at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. I work in the field of value-based healthcare and currently work at Independence Blue Cross. I also serve as Board Secretary of the Joseph J Peters Institute, Judge of Elections for Haverford 3-1, and a member of the Haverford Township Cable TV Advisory Board.

Recording Secretary - Vote For One

Kelly Ryan

I am a nineteen year resident of Haverford Township (6th Ward), originally from Harrisburg, who has lived in the Greater Philadelphia area for 35 years. I have worked in higher education as an adjunct professor while completing a PhD in Media and Communication at Temple University and raising my two kids, ages 19 and 16. Much of my research has focused on television representation of transgender characters as it relates to transgender civil rights.

A lifelong Democrat, I, like many of you, found the 2016 Presidential election to be a catalyst to further political involvement. I have been a committee member in the township since 2017, where I have enjoyed meeting and mobilizing voters, representing the Haverford Democrats at community events, and managing the 6th Ward Facebook page. If elected as Recording Secretary, I hope to support the growth of the Haverford Democrats, in part, through a focus on communication, proactively supporting DEI initiatives, and working collaboratively to increase voter turnout and engagement. I live in Ardmore with my husband, Desmond, my children, dog, and too many books.

Corresponding Secretary - Vote For One

Katie Thompson

I am a lifelong Democrat originally from Abington (where I volunteered with Josh Shapiro’s first campaign for state house in 2004) and have been a committee member since 2017 in Wards 6 and 7.

I have worked on the Haverford Democrats Communications Team for the past five years managing the organization’s social media – Facebook and Twitter. I am an attorney and received my JD from the George Washington University Law School and practiced as a litigator for six years before transitioning to working as a legal editor and writer for Thomson Reuters.

I have an energetic toddler (Jonah, age 2.5) and an equally energetic terrier. My favorite part of being a committee member is greeting my neighbors at the polls and answering voter questions via our info@haverforddemocrats email and Facebook. I’m excited for the opportunity to take a bigger role with internal communications with the goals of increasing cohesion between internal and external communications, creating greater transparency for committee, and building on the work being done by Comms to educate and motivate voters, volunteers, and Committee.