Action Teams

After the disastrous 2016 Election, millions of us committed ourselves to getting more involved in civic life. One urgent task we face is building a Democratic Party ready to meet the challenges aheadAs part of that effort, the Haverford Democrats are forming six new teams. Each team has a specific focus and together they will create a more inclusive, connected and effective local Democratic Party. Membership is open to all Haverford Democrats, so send an email to the contact person for the team you’d like to join. Teams will start meeting in September.

We all have a role. What will yours be?


  • Inform & mobilize Democratic voters throughout Haverford Township, including expanding our street captain system and recruiting and training elected and non-elected volunteers
  • Advance & support the data & tech needs of HTDC
  • Raise the profile (and funds!) of HTDC throughout Haverford Township
  • Create & socialize opportunities for members of HTDC to live our Democratic values and engage on important issues in our community


  • Manage the Haverford Democrats website, social media and publishing operation
  • Vet and send all organization-wide emails
  • Manage internal data and contacts


Darien Varner


  • Identify strong local candidates
  • Prepare templates for campaign calendars and budgets
  • Work with candidates on fundraising plans
  • Provide ongoing training and support to candidate campaigns



Marc Duerr & Patty McGoldrick


  • Organize and lead the annual HTDC fundraiser
  • Lead ongoing solicitation opportunities for HTDC
  • Coordinate HTDC fundraising with candidate campaigns
  • Host events to build a strong Democratic community


Marci Pelchat