HTDems are determined to run – and win – in every local, statewide, and federal election where Haverford Township residents have a vote. Every Democrat can help win elections.

VOLUNTEER a few hours to support Democratic candidates

Our rule for grassroots power: Haverford Democrats must canvass Haverford residents. We don’t outsource knocking on doors to paid staffers or non-Haverford activists. This is our turf. We build Democratic community by knocking on Democrats’ doors in every election, whether “off year,” or “midterm” or “presidential.”

  • We need volunteers to canvass a few blocks before every election.
  • We need volunteers to make phone calls and ‘drop’ GET OUT THE VOTE cards at every Democratic door.
  • Each local candidate needs a volunteer to host a “meet & greet” to launch a campaign and raise funds.
  • There’s a job for any and all!

Email your ward leader or the HTDems’ Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Tarka (, to learn about what you can do to help. Volunteering just 3-4 hours during an election season is a genuine help.

WORK at the polls on Election Day

You’ve been at the polls. You know that the HTDems try to have a couple of Democrats at each precinct’s polling site from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Some are official “poll watchers” who are empowered to make the phone call in the event of a dispute over voting rules; some are “greeters” who welcome all voters and give Democratic sample ballots to anyone who wants one and are ready to explain confusing items on the ballot.

Every election day, we need almost 300 Democrats to staff our 36 precincts in 3-hour shifts. Email your ward leader  or the HTDems’ Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Tarka (, to learn about what you can do to help on Election Day. Working just one shift makes a big difference.

SUBSCRIBE to the Haverford Democrats’ Newsletter

This monthly emailed publication delivers news on local party activities, information on candidates, announcements of campaign events, volunteer opportunities, links to news articles on local politics, profiles of local Dem activists, summaries of Haverford Township Commission meetings, and news on County Council business. Subscription also gets you occasional ‘alerts’ on events you can attend. If you want to become familiar with the HTDems before plunging in, this is your best introduction. The most recent issue is accessible from HTDems’ Home page. Subscribe right here!

ATTEND a HT Dems’ Monthly Meeting

On the second Tuesday of every month, from September thru May, we meet from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Typically, our meetings are in the Community Room in the basement of the Haverford Township Free Library, on Darby at Mill Rd. We discuss campaigning plans, fundraising, candidate recruitment, strategies for community outreach, and anything else that relates to winning elections. In the run up to primary and general elections, we bring in candidates to speak with us about their backgrounds and priorities. Join the 60-100 local Democrats who usually attend.

JOIN an Action Team

We divide up the work of sustaining the HT Democratic Party into 6 “teams”: Grassroots Engagement, Communications, Candidates, Events, Governance, and Finance. Find out what each of these teams do and contact the team leader to see about joining the team.

RUN FOR ‘Committee’ or for an Elected Office

Like Democratic Party organizations all over the U.S., the HTDems are led by our elected (and appointed) Committee members. Read about Committee  and consider running in your precinct. It is a very direct way you can serve Democrats in your neighborhood.

Look around. It’s folks like YOU who are running for office as Democrats. If you have ever thought about running for Haverford Township Commissioner (particularly in Wards 1, 5, 7, or 9!!!), contact Ben Danson, chair of our Candidates Action Team, and explore that idea with Ben and others. If you think you could bring expertise and energy to the Delaware County Council, contact Rachel Amdur, our township chair. She will put you in touch with county leaders.

DONATE money to HTDems and/or Candidates

Whenever you donate to the HTDems, you are contributing to a permanent fund that assists Democratic candidates running for Haverford Township Commissioner or Delaware County Council. That fund also supports community outreach, like our float at Haverford Township Day.

During election season, every candidate, from the township races to federal races, needs contributions. If we don’t want campaigns funded by wealthy special interests, we have to fund them ourselves. Our newsletter and our Candidates page offers links to candidate websites where you can donate to individual campaigns.