Are you wondering what you can DO? There are many ways that you can make a difference right now!

Attend an HT Dems’ meeting
On the seccond Tuesday of every month, from September through May, we meet from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.   We typically gather in the Community Room of the Haverford Township Free Library, on Darby at Mill.  Check the Calendar on our Home Page. 

Join an Action Team to Sustain the HT Democratic Party
To win elections, Democrats must stay engaged and connected between elections.  Our Action Teams allow you to work with other Democrats on specific areas of interest: Governance, Grassroots Engagement, Communications, Candidates, Events, and Finance.  Learn more about Action Teams

Volunteer Some Labor at Election Time
Candidates always need help distributing literature and knocking on Democrats’ doors to get out the vote.  Sign up to be a Street Captain in your ward; it’s not a huge time commitment but it is a great help in the weeks before election day.  Go to the township’s ward map to see what ward you live in.  Contact your ward leader about being a Street Captain.

Every election day, the HT Democratic Party staffs the polling site in all 36 precincts with “Greeters” and “Poll Watchers.”  Volunteering for a 3-hour shift on election day is a big help.  Contact your ward leader to serve in one of these roles. 

Help a Local Candidate
The local focus in 2018 is on the election in our 7th Congressional District.  We have an opportunity to defeat Republican Rep. Pat Meehan.  You may want to help one of the Democrats running in the May 15, 2018 Primary for the party’s nomination to run against Meehan.  Our 7th Congressional District page guides you to individual candidates’ websites and Facebook pages, where you can sign up to volunteer, “like” your candidate on Facebook, or follow those with Twitter accounts.  Donating a few dollars and volunteering to put up a yard sign is a big help. 

Donate money
It doesn’t have to be a big check. Small donations go a long way. Donating $10 allows your candidate to buy another yard sign. Donating $30 can buy 100 pieces of campaign literature for your candidate. Donate on candidate’s website. Or donate to the Haverford Township Democratic Party to help with our operating costs.

Host a Meet-and-Greet – or Attend One
Casual gatherings at our homes are a great way to connect candidates with voters.   If you would like to host an informal event for your Democratic neighbors and candidates, contact 2017 Candidates or your ward leader.  When news of these events is posted in the HT Dems’ newsletter or website, or you get an invitation from a neighbor, try to attend.   In addition to the beer and pretzels, you’ll meet candidates and Democratic neighbors.