Get Involved. Volunteer Today! 

Volunteering for the Haverford Democrats is easy, rewarding, and even fun. Your mission is to communicate about elections and candidates with your Democratic neighbors.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers do a mixture of these four things:

Drop Literature

Our main volunteer activity is dropping literature at our Democratic neighbors’ front doors. The more volunteers we have, the fewer houses we each have to visit.  Typically, volunteers drop literature at 25-30 houses in their own neighborhoods.

Phone/Text Bank

We call & text Democratic voters after mail in ballots go out in the last few weeks before an election.

Send Postcards

Some of our candidates send postcards during an election cycle. Scripts, addresses and postage are always provided!

Be A Poll Watcher

We always need people to work either inside polling places helping run the balloting process or outside to greet voters and hand out sample ballots.

Attend Public Meetings

It is important for Democrats to be present and vocal at meetings of the local Township Board of Commissioners and School Board. If you would like to join the Public Meetings Initiative Group, please fill out this Interest Form

Sign Up

Register as a volunteer or just let us know if you have more questions before you commit using the form below.