About HTDems

The Haverford Township Democratic Party (HTDems) is an all-volunteer group of active, committed Democrats who live in Haverford Township. We strive to keep our neighbors informed and provide opportunities for the boots-on-the-ground activism needed to elect Democrats to local, county, state and federal offices. To reach our goals, HTDems:

  • recruit and support Democratic candidates
  • create and distribute election information
  • advise on voter registration and absentee voting
  • canvass our Democratic neighbors during campaigns
  • staff the polls in every precinct of the township

HTDems do much of this work through our ward-based Committee members. These are the Democrats who are elected by their neighbors in the party for 4-year terms. They have voting rights in local organization matters, spend time vetting candidates when there are multiple candidates in one race, and work closely with their ward leaders to organize canvassing in their wards at election time.

HTDems aims to have four Committee members per precinct, so with 36 precincts in our 9 wards, we could have 144 Committee members. Take a look at the list of current Committee members to see if you live in one of the precincts where more Committee members are needed.

There are now MORE registered Democrats than registered Republicans in Haverford Township and in Delaware County. This matters only if Democrats actually vote in both the primaries and the general elections! We have won historic victories in recent elections putting a Democrat in the House of Representatives, voting in an all-Democrat County Council after more than a century of Republican rule, and expanding the Democratic presence on our township council and school board. These victories testify to HTDems hard work in getting out the Democratic vote.

The HTDems meet on the second Tuesday of every month, from September through May, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Our meetings are usually held in the Community Room in the basement of the Haverford Township Free Library on Darby at Mill Rd. Because of COVID-19, were are currently holding virtual meetings over Zoom.

Volunteers campaign for Democratic candidates by working in a variety of roles, from phoning voters to knocking on doors to dropping literature to delivering yard signs. Volunteering just 3-4 hours during an election season is a genuine help. Ways to volunteer:

  • Contact a specific candidate by going on her/his website and finding the volunteer button.
  • Contact your ward leader in the weeks before an election to find out how you can help.
  • Email HTDems’ Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Tarka (joantarka@icloud.com), to learn about what you can do to participate in local election activities.