A short tutorial on the local, grassroots democratic organizational structure:

Haverford Township is a Home Rule township and is governed by a Board of Commissioners. There are 4 Democrats on the Board of Commissioners: Kevin McCloskey, 3rd ward, Dan Siegel, 4th ward, Larry Holmes, 6th ward and Gerry Hart, 8th ward. The other 5 commissioners are Republicans. Commissioners in the odd numbered wards (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) are up for re-election in 2019. Board of Commissioners' meetings are held bimonthly and can be viewed on Haverford's government access channel (Verizon #38, Comcast #5) and on YouTube.

Haverford Township has 9 wards (political units). Each ward elects a Commissioner to sit on the Township Board. A Commissioner is elected to a 4 year term.  

Each ward is divided into 4 precincts. This is the smallest political unit and has its own polling location.  

Committee Person: 
Each precinct has 2 Democratic Committee and 2 Republican Committee People. Registered Democrats in each precinct elect  2 Democrats to serve on the Democratic Party Committee for 4-year terms. (Township Republicans do the same). Committee People can be appointed in between elections if there are vacancies. 

The role of a Democratic Committee Person is to be the Democratic neighborhood representative for each precinct. Those on Committee have voting rights in local party policy decisions and internal elections, as well as voting rights within the Delaware County Democratic Party for endorsing candidates, etc.

Committee people's responsibilities include talking to neighborhood Democrats, handing out literature and representing them at Democratic meetings. In addition, Committee people also work as “Greeters” at their precinct polling places for some part of each election. This involves standing outside, handing out information and letting people know there is a Democratic presence in their neighborhood. With 4 precincts in each of our 9 wards, we have 72 Committee People serving the township party in this role. See Local Party Leadership, Ward Leaders and Committee Members.

Ward Leader: 
The Committee People in each ward elect a Ward Leader whose duty is to coordinate the activities of the Committee in all 4 precincts. A Ward Leader does not have to be a Committee Person.

Inside Election Workers or Election Board:  
Each precinct needs a team of people who work inside the polling place every election to check in voters and ensure that the election process runs smoothly. Members of each political party usually make up the Election Board.  

There are generally 5 workers inside every poll that “oversee” the voting:  A Judge of Elections, a Majority Inspector, a Minority inspector, a Clerk and a Machine Operator. The Judge oversees all activities and handles any problems. The Inspectors and Clerk sit at the table and check in voters.  The Machine Operator takes care of the voting machine. All 5 of these positions are (nominally) paid by the county for the day of service. Training is provided by both the county and the HT Democrats.  

The Judge and Inspector positions inside each precinct are ELECTED every 4 years. If you are interested in an Inside Poll worker position, please contact your Ward Leader