2022 Primary Election - Endorsed Candidate Guide

This is a quick reference guide for Haverford Township Democrats on which Democrats have been endorsed by the Haverford Democratic Committee in their primary races.

You can use this guide in the ballot box in case you are not sure about who to vote for.

United States Senator

The Democratic Party has not made an endorsement for US Senator. Choose whomever you wish.


Josh Shapiro is endorsed and running unopposed.

Lieutenant Governor

Vote for the endorsed candidate Austin Davis.

Representative in Congress - 5th District

Mary Gay Scanlon is endorsed and running unopposed.

Representative in the General Assembly - 166th District

Vote for the endorsed candidate David Brown.

Member of Democratic State Committee

There are many candidates listed on the ballot. The candidates below are all the ones that have been endorsed. Just match up their numbers for a quick way to find them.

Committee Member

Committee Members are specific to each voting precinct and too numerous to list here. Vote for not more than two, which is all of the candidates listed on most ballots. Literally every candidate on the ballot is a committed Democrat who works to make the party better.