Hannah Turlish is our Ward 7 Candidate!

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Meet Hannah Turlish, a passionate and experienced educator and activist who is running for Ward 7 Commissioner in Haverford Township.

The Right Background for Haverford

Hannah has a strong background in education and politics. She graduated with Honors in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and earned a MA in History Education from Boston University. She has been a U.S. History teacher for 28 years, a Department Chair for 18 years, and a speaker of truth to power for her entire life.

In 2022, she was elected as a Township Democratic Party Committee Member, and she previously ran for Ward 7 Commissioner four years ago, losing by a razor-thin 67-vote margin.

A Clear and Compelling Platform

Hannah’s platform focuses on key issues that matter to Haverford Township residents. Her top priorities are:

  • Building a state-of-the-art Haverford Township Library: Hannah grew up in a public library, where her mother was the director of Cultural Programs and Development. She believes that every Township resident deserves access to a truly modern and well-equipped library, and she is committed to fighting for sustained and vigorous support for this important community resource.
  • Supporting working families with innovative childcare and youth programming solutions: As a working parent herself, Hannah understands the challenges and stresses of juggling work and parenting. She believes that local municipalities need to think creatively about ways to create community support and networks for parents who need help.
  • Promoting social justice and equality: Hannah recognizes that Haverford Township is becoming more diverse and needs strong messaging from the Board of Commissioners that everyone is welcome and everyone’s rights are to be protected. She is deeply committed to making all Haverford Township residents feel as if this is a place of tolerance.
  • Defending democracy: The tragic events of January 6, 2021, opened Hannah’s eyes to the fragility of democracy. She believes that democracy requires a real choice, and she is running to ensure that Ward 7 residents have that choice. She is also running against an incumbent who has publicly supported Election Deniers, and who has voted against the plastic bag ban and the Resolution affirming women’s reproductive rights.

Values & Vision

Hannah’s values and vision for the community are grounded in her commitment to education, activism, and social justice. She comes from a long line of activists who are not afraid to speak up for the powerless, and she believes that everyone deserves a fair and equal chance to succeed. She is dedicated to building a stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive Haverford Township.

Local Support for Hannah Turlish

Hannah has received strong endorsements and support from local organizations and individuals. In her previous campaign, she received endorsements from the current Commissioners in Ward 3, 6, and 8, and Ward 5 Commissioner Laura Cavender helped organize her campaign. Local labor unions also endorsed her, and she will seek their endorsement once again.

Get Involved

If you want to get involved or support Hannah’s campaign, there are several ways to do so.

  • You can donate to all Democrats running, or specify that your funds are for Hannah’s campaign.
  • You can contact David Brown and other grassroots organizers who are doing amazing work with GOTV to help knock on doors and hand out literature.
  • Hannah also plans to organize monthly get-to-know-Hannah Zoom meetings as a way to help Ward 7 residents meet her more easily, and she will have a Facebook page coming soon!

Thank you for your support in this important race. Let’s work together to build a better future for Haverford Township!