Listing what non-township offices are up for election this coming year

Preparing folks for February Delco endorsement convention (or “nominating” convention) 

Only Committee actually participates in/votes in endorsement convention, but readers do sign petitions and want to know who the candidates are, whether rank-choice voting will be used, etc.

A “walk-thru convention” is one in which Committee do not have to sit in a big room for hours on end but, rather, show up during a window of time, enter their votes on the computer.  We did this for the ranked-choice voting nomination process in Feb. 2020. There were no contested Dem primaries in 2021 so no Delco endorsement Convention. 


*We have done paragraph-long profiles of each candidate, mostly to aid Committee in evaluating, but have included link to those profiles in the newsletter. Really bare-bones: where from, how long in our area, education/occupation, civic activities, maybe mention of family 


Announcing Haverford Democrats’ OWN endorsement meeting after Delco’s 


Election of new officers on just-installed HT Board of Commissioners