2022 Midterm Election Results

Democracy Remains Intact 

We CRUSHED it in Pennsylvania! Good work everyone! 

We have estimated that turnout in Haverford was more than 73% with votes still being counted. That means over 73% of all registered voters in our township voted in the 2022 General Election. That is very impressive turnout for a midterm election. People (and Democrats in particular) have definitely been paying attention to politics.

In 2022 we elected the following:

  • Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis as our new Democratic Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • John Fetterman as our new Democratic US Senator
  • Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon to another term
  • State Rep. Greg Vitali to another term

We came very close to flipping our Ward 1 Commissioner seat. We lost the race by approximately 70 votes. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Curtis who did amazingly well despite having very little time campaign. Curtis won 1-4, and came within just a few votes of winning 1-2 and 1-3. Curtis still had an amazing result.

We look forward to supporting Curtis in flipping Ward 1 to Dem when the seat is up for a full-term in 2023.

Detailed Haverford Township Voting Results

You can get a precinct-level breakdown of how Haverford Township voted along with every other county in Delaware County here.

A Message From Curtis Gittelman

While this was not the outcome I was hoping for, I have an obligation (now more than ever) to accept the will of the voters.

Thank you to anyone who helped, donated or even just cheered on my campaign. Every little bit counts especially when my opponents margin of victory was only approximately 70+ votes out of just over 3,000 cast.

With that being said; Ward 1 has traditionally leaned Republican but the trend is shifting. The fact it was so close was a win by its own right. It’s never easy being on the losing side but the lessons I’ve learned through this experience will help me tremendously in my future endeavors. Let’s keep in mind that these midterms were nothing short of historic on many levels, not least of all being control of both the house and the senate are still undecided.

I am honored and proud to have played even a small part in this historic cycle, benefitting from the unprecedented enthusiasm of voters and look forward to building on that momentum as we look to next year. The work of building a more diverse township government that reflects the community does not end here. There is more to do and I know there’s an amazing group of people getting ready to put in that work next year and beyond and I fully intend to be right there with them.

-Curtis Gittelman, 2022 Ward 1 Commissioner Candidate

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