2022 Midterm Elections & State of the Race

Key Dates

General Election Registration Deadline is Monday, October 24th, 2022
General Election is Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022

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Midterms 2022: Democracy Remains Unsettlingly Fragile

Haverford Township is one of the most pivotal voting districts in Pennsylvania and perhaps the whole country in this year’s midterm elections. We deliver the most Democratic votes in Delaware County, Delco delivers a huge share of Democratic votes for the state, and our state is one of the most important for increasing our Democratic majorities in the Senate and beyond.

Our 2022 Democratic Races & Candidates

PA State House District #166

Greg Vitali

Greg has been our state rep since 1992 when he became the first Democrat ever elected to the 166th Legislative District of Pennsylvania. Greg has served the needs of his district with distinction since his first day in office. 


US House Congressional District 5

Mary Gay Scanlon

Mary Gay Scanlon has represented Pennsylvania’s 5th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives since 2019. Mary Gay has been a tireless leader and advocate for Democratic issues both locally and nationally.

US Senate

John Fetterman

John has been the mayor of Braddock PA for 13 years and is largely credited with leading a comeback for the town that was once one of the most challenged in the state. John has a unique political style that defies the Republican attack machine and puts the enemies of Democracy on the back foot.

PA Governor

Josh Shapiro

Josh Shapiro has served as Attorney General since 2017 and has been a strident defended of Democratic values against the threat of antidemocratic forces within the PA government and beyond. Josh is now running for Governor and it’s a must-win race when it comes to keeping our Democracy.

PA Lieutenant Governor

Austin Davis

In 2018 Austin successfully ran for the state House of Representatives to represent the Mon Valley and his hometown of McKeesport. Austin serves as chair of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation and vice chair of the House Democratic Policy Committee among many other committees. Austin and Josh are running together as a ticket.

Issues & Actions

Request A Mail-In Ballot

You can’t request a Mail-in Ballot for the primaries yet but if you would like a reminder when it’s time you can sign up for one on the PA Democrats website. We will post a link to request your mail in ballot here when it’s time.

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