The 2024 Primary Season is in Full Swing

Statewide Election Dates

Primary: April 23, 2024
General Election: November 5, 2024

Endorsed Candidates on the 2024 Primary Ballot

National Races

President and Vice President – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
US Senate – Bob Casey
US House – Mary Gay Scanlon 

Pennsylvania State Races

Auditor General – Malcolm Kenyatta
Attorney General – Jack Stollsteimer
Treasurer – Ryan Bizzarro
State Senator – Amanda Cappelletti
State House – Greg Vitali

The Petition period to get on the Ballot opens on January 23rd and our candidates need YOUR help to get on the ballot. Keep an eye out for petition parties near you or subscribe to our newsletter to find out where they are and how you can help.

2023 is a Year Where Politics are Truly Local

Municipal, County and State-wide Races Loom Large

Off-year elections are anything but. This year, for instance, there are municipal elections that are the most likely of any election to impact your day-to-day life directly. Electing Democrats to be the majority of Township Commissioners two years ago is precisely why plans to renovate the Haverford library are moving again.

Meet The 2023 Candidates

We have Democratic candidates in every race this year that we must elect. Those races are:

Municipal Races

County Races

State Races

We Need Your Help

Every dollar you give to your local party has an exponentially larger impact than virtually any other political donation you can make! 

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