Results of June 2 Primary

Democratic candidates in contested races:
                                                             # PA votes     % votes
President of U.S.:
Bernie Sanders                                      282,815          18%
Joe Biden                                            1,247,048          79%

PA Auditor General (top 3):
Nina Ahmad                                           540,178          36%    
Michael Lamb                                        408,012          27%
Christine Hartman                                 208,041         14%

                                                        # District votes   % votes
State Senator District 17                           

Amanda Cappelletti                                31,799            65%
Daylin Leach                                             17,029            35%

State Assembly District 166
Jen Leith                                                      4,971            41%
Greg Vitali                                                    7.023            59%

Democratic candidates in uncontested races:
U.S. House of Representatives, District 5: Mary Gay Scanlon
PA Attorney General: Josh Shapiro
State Treasurer: Joe Torsella
State Assembly District 163: Mike Zabel

This state website will give you the results in Delaware County and in each precinct in Haverford Township. Alert: when you get there, click on COUNTY WIDE at the top of the left-hand column (where all the type is green!)

You’ve heard about (or experienced) problems with the primary voting processes. Are you worried the Delco Election Bureau isn’t READY for the general election on Nov. 3?

  • Read the Haverford Township Democrats’ Newsletter for the big “Post-mortem on Voting Processes in the June Primary.”
  • Get the inside story PLUS news on all the “fixes” that will be in place by September.

Did you have problems with mail-in or in-person voting for the June 2 primary election?  Your comments are important.  Please fill out one of these voter feedback surveys so that the county can use your experience to improve the process for November.

  • If you voted in person, complete this survey from the Citizens for Better Elections.
  • If you voted by mail-in ballot complete this survey from the Delaware County Democratic Party.
  • If you had to vote in person due to a screw-up with your mail-in ballot, take both surveys!