Democrats Sweep Delco Races & Haverford Township School Board Races

Democrats broke the Republicans’ 150-year lock on Delaware County on Nov. 5, 2019.  It’s a historic date.  And the victories were not even close.  We built on our 2017 victories with both turnout and votes. Congratulations to the winning candidates and Haverford’s winning volunteers!

Welcome County Councilors Monica Taylor, Elaine Schaefer, and Christine Reuther!

They now join Democrats Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden to serve on an all-Democratic County Council.

New Council Members Schaefer, Taylor, Reuther (Photo Philly Inq)

Congratulations to Jack Stollsteimer, Delco’s new D.A.! 

Now we can launch real reform of our county’s system of justice.

Josh Shapiro and Jack Stollsteimer

Bravo to Kelly Eckel, Stephanie Klein, Rick Lowe, and Nusrat Rashid, Delco’s FIRST elected Democrats on Court of Common Pleas (since Civil War)!

They ran as a team and won as a team.  Now they join a 20-judge bench to deliver fairness in Delco courts.

New Judges Eckel, Klein, Rashid, Lowe

A+ to our victorious School Board candidates: Laura Crispin, Bridget Wiedeman Larry Feinberg Antoinette Snodgrass David Schwartz Ari Flaiser. 

They join Kristin Larsen, Sal Scinto, and Sue Mingey on our (now) all-Democratic School Board.  This great team did not win because they are Democrats.  They won because they were the best-qualified candidates on the ballot.

Laura Crispin, Lawrence Feinberg, Antoinette Snodgrass, David Schwartz, Bridget Wiedeman, Ari Flaisher