V for Victory: Volunteer & Vote

Need Voter Help?

  • Questions about mail-in voting, early voting, Election Day voting?
  • Wondering about dropboxes?
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Have a question you hope local Democrats can answer? Send an email to info@haverforddemocrats.com. If we don’t know the answer, we will direct you to someone who does. Disclaimer: we have no crystal balls.

It’s crunch time, people. NOW is the moment to volunteer.

Do you have yard sign envy? Wonder how to get your own?

Haverford Dems are here to save you from regretting that you did not do more for Democratic candidates in 2020.  Go to Get Involved to learn about volunteer options. Or just send an email to gotv@haverforddemocrats.com

You can help to Get Out the Vote in a variety of ways:

  • Phone Democrats to explain voting options or to encourage voting for PA. Democratic candidates
  • Write postcards to Democrats encouraging them to vote on Nov. 3. Really. It helps.
  • Walk a few blocks in your ward, dropping Sample Ballots and Get Out the Vote literature at Dems’ front doors. No knocking, no talking.
  • Serve as a poll worker on Election Day. Do well and do good.  You are paid for the 12-hour day and paid for your training before Nov. 3. Vital role!

Visit Get Involved for more information. Or just email gotv@haverforddemocrats.com

We ordered 300 Biden/Harris yard signs in late August.  All had been delivered to HTDem donors by September 10. We now have a new shipment. Don’t wait to donate!

Donate to the Haverford Democratic Party and get the gift of a yard sign, face mask, or t-shirt.

  • Plus, we deliver! Just go to Donate and see your choices.

Request FREE signs for Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, State Senate candidate Amanda Cappelletti, and State Assembly candidates Greg Vitali and Mike Zabel as well as Democratic candidates for statewide office: Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Nina Ahmed for Auditor General, and Joe Torsella for State Treasurer.


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