Democrats Flock to Haverford Township Day

Every single Democratic candidate for township and county offices was at Haverford Township Day, along with our Congressional Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon and County Council member Kevin Madden. They marched in the parade behind our fabulous ‘float,’ which displayed ALL of our yard signs, and they chatted with lots of voters at our eye-popping new booth (a much-appreciated gift from an anonymous donor!).

Election Day: November 5, 2019
When Democrats vote, Democrats win!

We can win big because we’ve got the numbers on our side:

30,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Delaware County
3,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Haverford Township
76% the stupefying DEMOCRATIC VOTER TURNOUT in Haverford Township in 2018

We can win big because we’ve got the candidates:

MonicaTaylor, Jack Stollsteimer, Christine Reuther, Elaine Schaefer
Stephanie Klein, Rick Lowe, Kelly Eckel, Nusrat Rashid
Laura Crispin, Lawrence Feinberg, Antoinette Snodgrass, David Schwartz, Bridget Wiedeman, Ari Flaisher
Dan Weber
Dan Weber for Ward 1
Shannon Bearman
Shannon Bearman for Ward 5
Kevin McCloskey
Kevin McCloskey for Ward 3
Hannah Turlish
Hannah Turlish for Ward 7