Black Lives Matter – in Haverford Township as in every corner of the globe.

The Haverford Township Democratic Committee condemns the recent murders of Black citizens and stands firmly in support of Black Lives Matter. The recent killings are not isolated incidents, but evidence of the injustices built into our nation.
We wholeheartedly support those taking to the streets to demand change. Ending racial injustice and building a society based on fairness and equality requires all of us working collectively to affirm that Black Lives Matter. It is way past time for systemic racism to end in America. We demand that ALL people be treated with dignity and provided equal protection under the law and enforcement thereof.
This should not be a political issue, but in this country, change happens through political action. The Haverford Township Democratic Committee participates directly in the political process by working at the grassroots level. We know that national transformation of America’s structural racism must include changes in laws set at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.  These laws shape the culture of our communities. They affect policing, health care, education, wealth distribution and countless other areas where we see inequality. Our elected officials must be part of making the changes we seek. The Haverford Democrats’ job is to find, vet, support and help elect those politicians who stand for changes that move toward justice. Once those politicians are elected, we are committed to holding them to the highest level of commitment and integrity – regardless of political party.
We all want to work toward the day when this society is built on a solid foundation of respect and equality for all. Voting is not the last step in that effort, but an essential step, nonetheless. Please VOTE!

Below you will find our own Call to Action, Haverford students’ call for School Board action, and Reading, Watching, and Listening Resources to enrich our own understanding of race and racism in America.

Call to Action

Haverford Democrats are forming an Issues and Actions group to help our members advance racial justice throughout our community. We hope to provide you with a place where you can work with others on self-education, increasing awareness, setting goals, designing productive strategies, and following through with useful action. Members of the group will determine the role that HTDC should play in regard to racial justice, including how to ally with existing organizations, participate in calls to action, and labor to eliminate racialized policies — perhaps in our schools, in our allocation of resources to ensure public safety, in our businesses, and in our residential neighborhoods. If you are interested in joining us to set goals, design productive strategies, and follow up with practical action, please email

Haverford’s Students Lead the Way

Haverford Township’s students are circulating a petition which clearly and affirmatively demands concrete changes in the ways our schools educate all students about race and racism. The preamble to that petition calls on this community to “fulfill the promises of a fair and truthful education” by, first, adjusting our understanding of words like “fairness” and “truth” as they relate to every single student in our classrooms.
When you get to the petition, click on the red link to the Google Doc where you can read their “Official Actions and Demands” letter. We predict you will feel inspired by these students’ dedication and practicality. They know what needs to be done in our schools and are encouraging us to support the agenda they describe by simply signing the petition.

Reading, Watching, and Listening to Make Lasting Racial Change

The Haverford Democrats have created lists of books, films/videos, podcasts, and websites that reflect current (and past) discussions of race and racism in America. These lists are intended to help each of us engage in our own race work by providing an array of approaches, topics, and voices that can expand our thinking. We invite you to scroll through each list to get a sense of the amazing wealth of artistic and investigative work available to us in the 21st century. 

We also invite you to email us at with any additions you would like to offer to any of these lists. There is so much great stuff out there, and you likely know of resources not yet included.

Non-fiction books

Fiction books

Films, videos, documentaries


Websites offering more resources