Record-Breaking Primary!

  • Democratic turnout up 30% from 2017
  • Republican turnout up 20%
  • When Dems vote, Dems win

Meet our terrific slate of county candidates

Taylor, Stollsteimer, Reuther, Schaefer
Learn about the Democrats who can win control of County Council and the District Attorney’s office in November.

Township Candidates: Poised for Victory​

Laura Crispin, Lawrence Feinberg, Antoinette Snodgrass, David Schwartz, Bridget Wiedeman, Ari Flaisher

Get to know our stellar slate of Haverford School Board Candidates.

“Odd candidates can win Democratic control of Township Commission!

  • We have great candidates running in odd-numbered wards 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • Winning two races gives us the majority on the commission. Going for all four.
  • Find out about this Fab Four:
      Ward 1: Dan Weber
      Ward 3: Kevin McCloskey
      Ward 5: Shannon Bearman
      Ward 7: Hannah Turlish