2022 Candidates & State of the Race

Key Dates

Primary Registration Deadline is Monday, May 2nd, 2022
Primary Election Day is on Tuesday, May 17,2022
General Election Registration Deadline is Monday, October 24th, 2022
General Election is Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022

Visit our Voter Help page to find out more about our local elections.

Who To Vote For in the Primaries

All Primary Candidate endorsements have been made by both the Delco Democrats and the Haverford Democrats. We made this handy mobile-friendly endorsement guide to bring to the polls that will guide you to who has put the most effective work in to their primary campaign.

Issues & Actions

Big Races in 2022


Republican Pat Toomey is retiring and we need to fill the seat.

Are you bothered by the actions of a few Democratic senators obstructing the widely popular Democratic agenda? Winning this Senate race will go a long way in ending those senators ability to block progress, and we need your help to do it!

Get Involved by sending an email to info@haverforddemocrats.com and we will get right back to you with ways you can help elect Democrats this year.


If Democrats don’t win the Governorship this year, PA could end up looking a lot like Texas.

Josh Shapiro is the Democrat running and is currently unopposed in the primary.

Lieutenant Governor

This candidate will work closely with the Governor and it’s imperative that these two candidates work well together. Your vote in this primary will determine how strong our team will be going into the general election.

US House

Mary Gay Scanlon is up for reelection. She currently doesn’t have a primary challenger but we will let you know if that changes.

Current Major Democratic Candidate Roster

If you want to know more about who is running this year, you can see our roster below. We will keep these rosters updated as the races change.  

Governor & Lieutenant Governor

State Legislature

Federal Legislature

Request A Mail-In Ballot

You can’t request a Mail-in Ballot for the primaries yet but if you would like a reminder when it’s time you can sign up for one on the PA Democrats website. We will post a link to request your mail in ballot here when it’s time.

We Need Your Help

Every dollar you give to your local party has an exponentially larger impact than virtually any other political donation you can make! 

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