Yes! A Blue Wave in Haverford Township & the PA-05

Thanks to hundreds of HT Dem volunteers we are celebrating FOUR great victories:

Mary Gay Scanlon won the open seat to the U.S. Congress from the new PA-05 with 65% of the vote in the whole district and in Haverford Township.

Mary Gay Scanlon ALSO won the special election to finish Pat Meehan’s defunct congressional seat in the very red, very gerrymandered PA-07.  Scanlon won 54% of the vote district-wide (65% in Haverford Township).  She enters Congress right away!

Greg Vitali easily won re-election against Baltazar Rubio with the support of 71% of Haverford Township voters.  Greg has served representative to the State Assembly from the 166th district for 25 years.

Mike Zabel defeated two-term incumbent Jamie Santora with 53.4% of the vote.  Mike will now serve as the representative from the 163rd district to the State Assembly.  Residents of Wards 1 & 9 of Haverford Township are in Mike’s district.

These victories do not happen without LOTS of volunteer effort, and we had that here in Haverford Township. 

  • Thanks to the Ward leaders who rounded up and guided a small army of volunteers
  • Thanks to the volunteers who rang doorbells, made phone calls, dropped literature, donated money, and worked at the polls as “greeters” on Election Day.
  • Thanks to the Young Democrats of Haverford High who registered eligible students to vote and spent their day off of school serving as greeters at polling sites all over the township.  
  • Thanks to Brianna Cole, our dedicated Field Director, who was agile, flexible, and tireless in her efforts to win victories for Dems up and down the ballot.

Record-breaking TURNOUT in (rainy) Haverford Township

We broke the curse of the midterms!  Voters grasped the importance of this election and they turned out to vote despite the rain.

  • TOTAL turnout was 70%. Not a typo.  70%.
  • That’s 26,600 out of 38,804 registered voters in our township.

Wards 6, 7, and 8 are TIED for highest turnout: 76%!!!  We’ve got work to do in Wards 1 & 5, but that’s what township commissioner races in 2019 are for, right?  Find your ward here:

Ward 1:  66%
Ward 2:  70%
Ward 3:  75%
Ward 4:  73%
Ward 5:  63%
Ward 6:  76%
Ward 7:  76%
Ward 8:  76%
Ward 9:  73%

Haverford Township Over-Performs for Wolf and Casey

Wolf won 70% of the total 26,702 votes cast for governor in Haverford Township, compared to 57.6% statewide.

Bob Casey won 69% of the township’s votes compared to 55.6% statewide.

Fun fact: there were as many votes for Gov. Wolf as there are registered Democrats in the township: 18,600 for Wolf; 18,300 Dems (including those who have moved away)

Township Commissioners Meetings

Our township commissioners are now meeting in the NEW Administration Building at 2014 Darby Road. Come check out the new space!

Haverford Township Commissioners hold a “working” meeting on the first Monday of the month and a “regular” meeting (where they vote) on the second Monday of each month, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public.

Read our summaries of 2018 commissioner meetings

Here’s the township's official calendar for all upcoming meetings, including the Zoning Board and Planning Commission meetings.

Video of the regular monthly Township Commissioner meetings is available on Haverford Township's YouTube channel.